The Futurist Co. Christmas List & Companies You Should Know 2018!

The Christmas season is here yet again and The Futurist Co. wants you to know these companies! Time moves in circles and each decade seems to be recycling the past but with a twist. The trends love to be retro and's the cool thing to do. We are now seeing that tangible, physical items are back baby! Technology is the thing of the past and people are over it. Have you noticed that many are starting to disconnect? Why wouldn't they, it can be quite exhausting. Let's take a look at some "new" companies looking to bring back the past. Let's make Christmas 2018 look more like Christmas 1958.

Oxford Pennant, Huntington Baseball Co., Mitchell Bat Co., Baseballism, Ebbets Field Flannel

This is a 5 in 1 greatest hits list of amazing baseball gear and equipment. Even if you are not a baseball fan please just take a look at these companies and appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity. What is special about these 5 companies is that most all of these items are made by hand. It is the highest quality goods you can think of and each have a vintage flair which is always a plus!


If you are a fan of crazy design and home decor fashion then you are in for a treat with The Jungalow. Talk about a fusion of styles, this company MAKES. IT. WORK. The forestry boho style is a breath of fresh air with colors that shouldn't go together but believe it or not they do. Check out their rugs, pillows, planters and even wallpaper. This may sound strange but whenever I see Jungalow products I begin to smell a dew infested greenhouse on one of those half rain/half sunny mornings.

Art of Play

Finally a place where you can buy games that are visually pleasing enough to display as well as play. Art of Play is a website that pairs together games, toys, puzzles, playing cards and other vintage goods that all your elegant friends will love. They are extremely strict with their inventory and not just anyone can get featured on their site. We are talking top shelf goods here. So sit around the tree and fire with a velvet robe, glass of chardonnay and play.

Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee has been around for a while but they are finally starting to get some attention since releasing their weirdo flavored candy canes every year. They are the company responsible for pickle, gravy, bacon and mac & cheese candy canes. They are also responsible for the most pointless "toys" on the market and in reality that's the reason why they are so popular. Some other items include: Finger Hands, Creepy Horse Head, Squirrel Underpants and Handerpants...So yeah.

Kayleigh Radcliffe (Etsy)

I stumbled upon Kayleigh's Etsy page recently and she hand crafts the coolest ornaments, cards and prints on the planet. The best way that I can describe her style is a combination of Mad Hatter and Taxidermy. It's very crafty but also incredibly detailed. If you buy one of her ornaments it will be a guaranteed favorite for the rest of your families future lineage.

Stick With Me Sweets

Stick With Me Sweets is a Bon Bon company and Oh My God if you just look at them you will fall in love. These Bon Bons could be full of poop and I 'd still buy them. It says even more about them because they are pretty pricey; $25.00 for 6 are the most affordable option but I must say it is totally work it. The outside shell shines brighter than a buffed diamond and the colors are more vivid than a lucid dream. The fillings & flavors are crafted to perfection as well and the boxes they come in are pretty solid. Now that $25 for 6 doesn't look too crazy anymore.


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