Why Isn't Space Tourism Taking Off Yet?

I have been promised space tourism for a good 15 years now and have yet to see any sort of real push for it. Nasa was our only hope until the 2000s when SpaceX and Virgin Galactic became the "future". Their famous front men, Elon Musk and Richard Branson seem to be dead focused on space tourism. It seems as though they have both accomplished what they can here so why not pivot their focus to the skies. The great beyond has always been of great interest to many and there is definitely money to be made by leaving our world. It is an untapped market but not just anyone can profit from it and I think that is part of the reason we are not their yet. You have to be a billionaire to even think about starting any sort of space tourism company, let alone a company with an emphasis of going into space. Sure, you'll get the random cowboy building his rocket in his barn and I say let them do it! Also, things are comfortable here on earth at the moment. Sure, there are certain periods of time when the world seems to be at its brink but we haven't exhausted all of its wonder just yet. The new generations keep coming and with them bring new categories of interest. The current generation have the attention span of a labrador retriever and technology seems to be getting a bit boring so why not focus them on something important like space exploration. Getting out of planet earth could eventually become vital for the existence of man and space tourism is a good place to start so that it isn't scary to leave. So to Elon and Richard, thank you for your efforts but you two aren't the Wright Brothers, keep your eyes peeled for the real duo to get us there. Here's a clue, they're already here!

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