The White Fire The Leader Who Ended The World, Part III

Aras Halil was a young man with the world in his sight and a voice that could connect the world.

Aras Halil died on May 7th, 1994. but if he were to have lived the world as we know would be gone. It's strange how a singular action can change the course of the world; Something so small in the history of the earth can trigger a massive chain reaction.

Aras Halil had aspirations to unite and empower a troubled world. Very different than the likes of Hitler where his plans were grim and destructive, Aras had plans of prosperity and peace. In his homeland of Turkey he was preparing to unit the East and the West through his movement called he Turkish Prospects.

I have traveled to a time in which Aras Halil never died...

In 1995 Aras decided to head out West to the United States to explore. He arrived in New York City and was struck by the vastness and bustle of the city. He wanted so badly for people to know who he was. He wanted people to recognize him on the street as a savior. He began to make friends with several different groups in majority Muslim communities. Aras ended up staying in New York for 6 years and became a spokesman for Muslim Relations. He was settling his close friends and members of The Turkish Prospects to live with him in the United States. He would also spend months at a time in Washington DC learning from the lawmakers and political servants. On September 11th 2001 Aras was asleep when he began to hear sirens and large groups of people gathering outside his window. He saw the smoke, he saw the fear and he saw the horror of the twin towers in flames. In the days after the attack he saw a shift in the mood of American's views on Muslims. He decided that this would be his turning point and it was his mission to prove that a majority Muslim state such as Turkey can unite the world in this extremely troubled time. Aras began a state to state tour with his Muslim following to show that they did not have evil intentions He had gained fame on major US news stations and was the face of the "Muslims For Peace". He had gained much respect back in Turkey and he decided it was time for him to return home.

In Turkey he was greeted with questions and fear. He was immediately seen as a great leader who had the potential to run for higher office in the future. Aras, who was in his late 20s at the the time of his arrival back home, wanted that power sooner than later. He knew that he had the public's attention and he feared that he would slowly lose it. He began to create very broad accusations and theories against the acting Turkish President. He would emit fear by explaining to the Turkish people that the US wants to destroy the entire Middle East and that he was the one who would stop them. His following soon turned into a movement. On September 17, 2008 at the age of 33 years old Aras Halil ousted the sitting President in a swift coup . The world saw this as dangerous including those from both the East and West. Aras Halil was now in power of what he believed was the bridge of the world.

Aras began to establish sanctuary cities across the middle east without the permission from the countries he was essentially taking over. He saw it as a free for all by weaker states such as Syria, Iraq and Libya. He soon gained the peoples trust around the unstable territory. His reasoning was that Turkey was the only stable power in the Middle East and would welcome and shelter everyone from all religions a backgrounds. He began annexing large swaths of land and the cities grew steadily with a large amount of confused citizens. Aras did not give much attention to these cities, only offering them guidense and minimal supplies. These cities soon became a mouse trap for terrorist cells. The cells then turned into five major terrorist groups who began to take over much of the middle East including Israel and Iran, two previously stable countries. The United States along with NATO began defending Israeli territory while Russia began defending Iranian territory. The two sides then began leaking into Iraq and Syria causing a flood of refugees into Turkey's motherland. Aras did not want the terrorist cells to sneak into Turkey so he decided to put a hault on all refugees allowing no one to enter across border lines. Aras Army were fitted head to toe in white attire, the infantry line across the border was nicknamed "The White Fire" and It was impenetrable. He would not let anyone into his country not even the eastern or western countries in fear of them overthrowing him. Aras soon began to strike back against the terrorist and in effect began killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. He wanted to dissolve the cells as quickly as possible and then in effect take credit before the east or the west. Aras thought that this would spotlight him as the great leader during a tumultuous time. The United States, NATO and Russia saw these acts as war crimes against humanity and formed a dysfunctional alliance. The alliance had plans to overthrow the power hungry Aras but each party had different strategies and begin in-fighting.

What transpired was a 10 year war in which Aras only grew stronger and soon obtained a nuclear arsenal with the help of terrorist cells. The US and NATO were less interested in getting involved into a messy middle eastern war but the Russians were itching to strike Aras Regime. On July 1st 2018 Aras launched a nuclear strike targeted at a major alliance base located in Odessa, Ukraine where a majority Russian fleet was stationed. Aras feared a major Russian invasion from the North through the Black Sea. The gamble did not pay off for Aras as Russia returned a fleet of 5 nuclear missiles into Turkey resulting in a total annihilation of the country along with nuclear fallout across the entire half of the world. Aras was dead, however he had ordered retaliation if he should parish from a major counter attack by striking Moscow and 2 other major military headquarters in Russia. The West was in a state of panic and set in motion a state of the art world nuclear deter-ant called SkyShield which was developed 20 years earlier in case of nuclear proliferation. The shield ultimately failed to protect the eastern world and the fallout soon began to spread across much of the Pacific Ocean, polluting the waters and ultimately destroying all of man kind in 5 short years.

There is such thing as fate and fortunately for us fate was on our side this time around.

The Futurist Co. Secret Society Decoder: Set Your Decoder To 14.


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