The White Fire: The Leader Who Ended The World

It was 1994 when a 19 year old man from Turkey was killed in a car accident. He was walking down a long narrow road with pockets of doorways every 10 feet. He noticed a small shiny coin in the dirt in which he paused for a moment and began to dig out. He squinted and brushed the sand off and stuck it in his pocket. It was the the last moments of twilight and 3 streetlights hovered high and far apart. As the car approached at 43 mph the boy was 2 feet away from the last doorway in which he could tuck away for protection. The car ripped through the left side of his body and he was gone.

His name was Aras Halil and he would was the man who would have ended of the world.

Part II 5/7/2017...

The Futurist Co. Secret Society Decoder: Set Your Decoder To 15.


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