If They Lived: MLK Jr.

I have seen both worlds. One in which a person lived and one in which a person died.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed in Memphis Tennessee on April 4th 1968. I have seen the Displacement State. The Displacement State is a place that is present in an alternate world. In this case Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was never killed and continued his path through history. A world with MLK after 1968 curbed major events but replaced them with new major events. There was a situation in 1971 with a black man named Clancy Thomas who was beaten to death in Birmingham Alabama during a demonstration. Clancy was protesting with an organization called The Black Jacks, a hostile black organization with a violent reputation. Dr. King did not accept the Black Jacks and continually asked them to protest peacefully. The incident created a tense situation between the police and the public in Alabama. A peaceful march was orchestrated by MLK Jr. on March 3rd 1971 in response to the attack. A gunman shot and missed King's left shoulder by a quarter inch during the march. In 1973 MLK pressed President Nixon on ending the war in Vietnam. King became more outspoken on the war and delivered a speech famously named "The Lion's Den". The speech was well received by blacks and whites alike. Though it was an inspirational gesture, the war still raged on until 1975. The next ten years MLK began building from the foundation of the Civil Rights Act. He was an advocate for economic resources for inner city black families and created schools and churches in poor black communities. He resided in Atlanta Georgia but became more involved in major cities to the north, specifically Chicago, IL. He was urged to run as the Democratic nominee in the 1984 Presidential race against Ronald Reagan but was not interested and was supportive of then President Ronald Reagan. He was approached again during the 1988 Presidential Election but was still not interested and gave his support to Jesse Jackson. Jackson went on to win the Democratic nomination becoming the first African American to lead a major party for President of The United States. Jackson ended up losing to George H.W. Bush. There were no LA riots in the 1990s and President Barack Obama still became the first black US President behind Kings support. In the Displacement State the US was a more united country. Gangs and slum inner cities were not as abundant and Dr. King remained the leading voice for the African American Community until his death. Martin Luther King died of Pneumonia on December 1st 2009 at the age of 80.

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