The Space Race II

The Space Race 2 is here. The 2020s and 2030s will provide a light show, one that the world has never seen. Leaders from all major countries will begin sending rockets and humans into space with the intentions of defense, exploration and colonization. The two leaders will be The USA and Russians, however, a mystery nation will vie for the biggest price...Mars. The colonization of Mars will begin in early 2030 but only a limited amount of people will be designated to create the new underground world which in the USA will be called "Red1" and in Russia "Novyy Mir". The major push for colonization will be sought in an effort to begin outsourcing the population of an increasingly overcrowded planet Earth. A major acting legend will be one of the few who will live the rest of their life on the red planet. The world will also see a new war which will prompt the "Black Moon" project. The project will utilize defense and war tactics on the closest flat surface to earth which is the moon.

The Futurist Co. Secret Society Decoder: Set Your Decoder To 7.


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