Wilbur Wonder, The Futurist Co.

Good evening, I am Wilbur Wonder and I have come from the future to guide you through time. I am here to offer you my insight and subtle warnings into what you are all about to inherit. The future is a magical place and there is still much to anticipate, but there is also an unstable road ahead. I, however, am not the only one, there are quite a few like me around. Some have traveled further distances and some shorter. I am sorry to be so vague in my approach but people like me have a rule that we must abide by and that rule is to never give away the future, however there is nothing stopping me from planting the seed of an inkling and a wink. Join me in my daily journal and I will grant you the gift of intrigue. I must now leave you with an expression that you mustn't forget: There is no present, you all hold the key to the future.

The Futurist Co. Secret Society Decoder: Set Your Decoder To 20.


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