The Futurist Co.

The Futurist Co. is bringing back the way toys used to look because we all know that they don't make things the way they used to! Our main focus is to combine both old and new eye pleasing products for you to purchase through our online shop. The gaming and toy industry needs a new influx of fresh art and ideas for physical products. We pride ourselves on creating some of our own products as well as discovering upcoming toy creators, artists and merchants. We put an emphasis on playing cards, board games, figurines, tin toys and unique prints. We create our products with a keen eye to detail and the most cutting edge graphics and packaging designs on the market. We believe that the  beauty of a toy is in the completed piece. Take a look through our shop to see for yourself!

Wilbur Wonder The Futurist

Follow Wilbur Wonder through his travels. He has a vast range of knowledge on both the past and future!